Pet Food

Van Opzeeland handles bags, bins and unusually sized boxes on a daily basis – large and small, robust and fragile – containing pet food and pet-care products for example. That’s what really matters: the contents. And we ourselves also add value to the contents by thinking outside the box and developing supply-chain solutions for pet-food retailers and wholesalers.

Discover the new normal: 1 network for parcels, dollies, roll cages and pallets of boxes, bins and bags.

Of all the sectors, we have built up the most experience over the years in the pet food sector. We know all the ins and outs, from warehousing through to distribution, and now supply to virtually all pet shops, animal clinics and vets in the Netherlands. One thing is certain: as a pet food supplier, you can focus on your core business thanks to Van Opzeeland’s knowledge and experience.

Van Opzeeland’s pet food logistics


A unique logistics concept: tailor-made to seamlessly align with the behaviour, wants and needs of today’s consumer. A shared network of warehousing, integrated e-fulfilment & co-packing and daily last-mile distribution without transshipment points. Suitable for parcels, dollies, roll cages and pallets containing boxes, bins and bags.


  • Extensive experience in pet food
  • Knowledge of the ins and outs


  • High degree of synergy in last-mile distribution
  • Shared solutions for warehousing and integrated services such as e-commerce and co-packing


  • Complete integration of online and offline orders. Pickup before 23:00 h means delivery before 07:00 h the next day, either to the retail store, pet shop  or vet.
  • An item that is picked up today can be returned to your distribution centre by this evening, or delivered to another store or the consumer’s home by tomorrow.


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